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whoa ok u guys..i havent been on here in SO long..even tho i had like the whole summer ._. omg i guess lj isnt my thing anymore? D: since i havent been on and such..ohh..well i guess this will be a place for my uni rants (CUZ IM STARTING TMR OMG CRYING WISH ME LUCK T_T) and no one like to hear rants cuz its just..rants ._. please feel free to remove me as i dont have the heart to make the first move........I THANK ALL MY LJ FRIENDS FOR THEIR LOVE :D even if it was just for a little while...i will come back to rant and whatnot every now and then but dont expect to see me around too much...ILUGUYS :D and thankyou so so so much~~ <3

since this is somewhat of a goodbye i suppose i should put up some way to contact me if u still want to stay in leave me a comment or something and ill get back to u :D so until we meet (?) again, GOODBYE MY LOVES!! I WISH U ALL THE BEST~ :D

DBSK: JaeMin *slap*
i havent even looked at lj for WEEKS goodness XDD
i hope i havent missed much T_T....
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now off to comment!~~

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HELLO DEARIES!! im back for the weekend..then ill be gone for the next month..
its gunna be hell for me. no jokes.
everything is getting so rushed..and it doesnt help that grad is in a month either >=O damn u school!
gosh. ive never felt so stressed out before. this sucks >=O arg.
well off to reply and comment~~ ill talk to u soon sweeties! <3 i love u all!

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DBSK: JaeMin *slap*
OMG ive been so busy these past few weeks! AISH i havent even looked at lj T_T omg so sad.
I think im gunna go on a full hiatus (sure has felt like one hasnt it? -_-U)..up til now i was "semi-hiatus" but now its official. T_T aiyoo sorry all my lj friends. i'm not a very good friend. T_T
feel free to remove me as i think ill stop by when i get a break..which isnt for like a i wouldnt be surprised.
dont feel guilty if u do loves. =) i understand.

i hope to talk to u guys sooon~~ <3

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DBSK: JaeMin *slap*
ugh finally its spring break. not much of a break when u go out everyday is it? -_-U aiyoo. i wish i didnt have to work sucks. boo work. and i need to take out money from the bank..i hate u limited swipes >=O...omg and i need to start writing on grad pics. arg.

on the bright side yay for no homework..ish. and i figured out that i love 2pm ._. LOL <3

maybe ill keep up with u guys during this very short break. can guarantee anything~ ;D hahaaa. i hope u guys have a good one. <3
and since im sooo not active as i used to be feel free to delete me off ur flists.. i would delete myself if i could. ._.

Happy bday! :D + other shiz.
DBSK: JaeMin *slap*

hahhaaa HELLO LJ FRIENDS!! its been an extremely long time since I've posted anything...aiiiigoooooo~

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Emo diploma marks T_TCollapse )

SO that is whats up with me these past few days..HOW ARE ALL OF YOU?! :D

(and ill reply/comment or at least try to..soon. T_T)

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DBSK: JaeMin *slap*
ahaha hello hello flist! :D
are you all well?? Hope so~

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DBSK: JaeMin *slap*

man i totally missed new years..hhaa sorry guys~ happy late new years? XD
anyways i have diplomas coming up so u wont be hearing from me for about another 2 weeks..
gotta study! >=o FIGHTING!
I hope everyone is well~and if not i hope u feel better! :D
i feel bad for totally ignoring lj D: so feel free to remove me, i dont mind~
AND I LOVE MY ONEW GIF ICON FROM kyurisma  :DDDD!! its adorable! THANKYOU! <3

DBSK: JaeMin *slap*

aigoo its only 11.30 pm where i live but its close enough right? 8D


I hope u all have a very merry Christmas and a great New Year too!~~
and to those one my flist that dont celebrate Christmas,


omg im still working on cards..theyll be xmas+newyear cards..sorry~
ilu flist! :D

aigoo i think some of my letter will turn into notes..theres some people on flist that i dont talk to as much as other so i have limited things to say to them T_T aiyaaa sorry~

DBSK: JaeMin *slap*

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